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Regensburger Touristen Guide « : Schottenportal
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Regensburg: Scots Portal

Regensburg: Scots Portal
Irish Benedictine monks (Scotti in common parlance referred to Gaels of Ireland and Scotland) founded the St. Jacob abbey in around 1090. Construction of the abbey and portal were fi nished in 1200. It is considered one of the most meaningful works of occidental art. Prevailing opinion believes that all of the fi gures portrayed were once painted or some even gold or silver-plated with the holes being once fi lled with gems. The exact interpretation or meaning of the portal is still in debate. One widely accepted theory by Franz Dietheuer, states: the molding above the door separates the heavens from the tribunal below, where Satan, evil beings, infi del Jews, Pagans, and bad Christians are all to face trial. Christ stands in the middle with 6 apostles on each side to create an even scale. Flanked on the outside are two saints: Emperor Charlemagne and Archbishop Patrick. The other fi gures and numerous arches have received many interpretations ranging from the planetary motions, wind, signs of earth, antichrist, and/or notions of the cardinal points. Most theories have religious connotations dealing with Judgment Day and the resurrection. The monastery was then run by Scottish abbots in 1520. Despite it being well managed, it spiraled in the trials and tribulations of secularization. The administration was turned over to bishops in 1866, and has since been used as a priest seminary.

Scots Portal
Jakobstrasse 1
93047 Regensburg
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