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Regensburger Touristen Guide « : Walhalla
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Current position: » Walhalla
Regensburg: Walhalla

Regensburg: Walhalla
The Walhalla stands majestically above Donaustauf, just over six miles east of Regensburg " a vast temple of marble. It rears up out of the dark greenery around and can be seen on the horizon from far away with its huge entrance. Initiated by the Bavarian King Ludwig I, a significant, neoclassical edifice in the Doric style was created by the architect Leo von Klenze. It is not only the exterior that presents a tremendous picture but the interior as well, the „Cella“: an impressive pantheon. This was opened on October 18, 1842, after 12 years of construction. It houses 128 marble busts decorated with gold ornaments and 64 tablets depicting significant themes from Germanic mythology. Some of the luminaries featured are Johannes Kepler, Immanuel Kant, Martin Luther and many more. King Ludwig I is also represented by a statue, which was erected for him in 1890. The entire light-grey marble structure is approximately 130 metres long, 91 metres wide and 60 metres high. The temple itself is 20 metres high, approximately 70 metres long and around 35 metres wide. It is carried by 52 pillars, and the roof is supported by six goddesses of victory. There are tympani with marble statues at both ends: on the front gable there are also 15 symbolic figures which signify the restoration of Germany after the fight against Napoleon Bonaparte at the beginning of the 19th century. The 15 figures on the gable at the back illustrate the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. From the steps of the Walhalla you can enjoy the view of the Danube valley.

Walhallastrasse 48
93093 Donaustauf
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