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Regensburger Touristen Guide « : Keplerhaus Keplerstrae
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Current position: » Keplerhaus Keplerstrae
Regensburg: Kepler House / Keplerstraße

Regensburg: Kepler House / Keplerstraße
Johannes Kepler is renowned for his established laws in physics and planetary movement theories. Born on Dec 26th 1571, he lived in two diff erent houses in Regensburg. He then died in the Keplerhaus in 1630. He did however travel quite often as he taught in Linz and had to support his mother who was accused of witchcraft in Leonberg and Güglingen. Additionally, he would often spend time in Ulm, where he printed the Rudolphinischen Tafeln (his largest and most important thesis). Kepler traveled to many cities with the title as ‘the emperor’s mathematician’, and moved to Sagan in 1628 to serve for General Wallenstein. He did leave many belongings behind in Regensburg, which indicated that he did intend to return one day. Amongst these belongings was a hand written list of his possessions. This list is currently on display in the Keplerhaus. On his way traveling to Linz, Kepler became extremely ill in Regensburg and died very suddenly. He is buried in the inner city of Regensburg, however the exact location of this site is unknown. Opening hours: Sat, Sun, and holidays: 10:30 - 16:00, Easter Monday, Whit Monday: 10:30 - 16:00, Guided tours: Sat, Sun, Holidays: 14:30

Kepler House / Keplerstraße
Keplerstrasse 5
93047 Regensburg
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