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Regensburger Touristen Guide « : Haidplatz
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Current position: » Haidplatz
Regensburg: Haidplatz

Regensburg: Haidplatz
‘Haidplatz’ derives its name from a wasteland that is sparsely overgrown, known as a ‘Haide’. The ‘Haid’ as it was often referred to as, was originally much larger and open. During the middle ages, the square shrunk in size due to surrounding construction, but it still offered ample room for various events. Documents from the 12th century state that the ‘Haid’ had been host for large Knight Tournaments, and one chronicle reported over 300 knights for a particular tournament in 1393. The area also attracted many jugglers, inventors, and exhibitionists to perform. In 1673 there was a legendary performance by the Frenchman Charles Bernovin, who fell to his death as he attempted to tight-rope across the square strapped with fireworks to his body. This square is enclosed by several historical buildings, such as the “Neue Waag” or ‘New Scale’ (Haidplatz 1); a patrician house that was changed in 1441 to the “Stadtwaage” or “City Scales”. The ‘Arch’ (Haidplatz 3 & 4) is a veritable Gothic construction, whose massive front defines the square with its overwhelming appearance. The former inn, ‘Zum Goldenen Kreuz’ (to the Golden Cross) has a castle- like look and once served as quarters for high-ranking diplomats, princes, kings, and emperors. The elegant facade of Haidplatz 8 is the Thon-Dittmer-Palais. This complex holds the Department of Culture, the city library, the adult educational centre, and a theater. The 4 wings of the building enclose an intimate courtyard, which is used today for open-air events. In the basement of the south wing is an area for various art exhibitions as well as the 14th century Sigismund Chapel.

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