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Regensburger Touristen Guide « : Neupfarrplatz
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Current position: » Neupfarrplatz
Regensburg: Neupfarrplatz

Regensburg: Neupfarrplatz
Regensburg had one of the oldest Jewish communities in Germany, with a Talmud university as well as a cemetery located on the outskirts of the city. The community, including students, had a population between 400-600 people and created a ‘city within a city’. This micro-city was located at the present day Neupfarrplatz and included some surrounding buildings: approximately 30 houses were connected with bridges and underground passageways. It was a walled-in enclosure with many doorways that separated it from the Christian communtiy surrounding it. The “ghetto” was destroyed in 1519, triggered perhaps by Regensburg’s economic depression, jealousy and Anti-Semitism. After the death of Emperor Maximillian I, who had guaranteed protection for the Jews, the Christian community quickly displayed their long withheld hatred. Council members confronted the Jewish community and gave them 4 days to leave the city. They were allowed to take all their personal belongings, except the Christian objects that the Jews held as collateral from business trades. To their own dismay, the Jews chose to destroy their holy objects that they could not take with them rather than hand them over to the Christians. During the winter months, the Jews were then driven out of the city. Two ships were provided in the Danube for the Jews to leave, while many settled across the river in Stadtamhof, or went on to Sallern. Demolition of the ghetto was quick and even described as ‘God’s work’. Maria’s chapel of worship was erected shortly thereafter, and the people celebrated with a pilgrimage. The square was a parking area until 1995, when it was redesigned and excavation unearthed parts of the synagogue und many mugs with golden coins.

Neupfarrplatz 8
93047 Regensburg
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