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Regensburg: city hall

Regensburg: city hall
Regensburg city hall was built over multiple centuries. The tower which was built in 1260 is especially noteworthy. This 55 meter high tower is a fi xture to the postcard silhouette of Regensburg. More well-renowned is the Reichssaal (parliament hall). Not only important as a work of art, the Reichsaal was also the location of the fi rst German Parliament. As it was not a democratically elected parliament, the emperor was required to meet with a collection of representatives in order to make legal, administrative, and military decisions. The location of the Reichstag continued to change from city to city up until 1663, when it then became the ‘perpetual parliament’ based in Regensburg. Because representatives were not physically present, a congress of ministers would continually meet to represent the rulers, princes, electors, and imperial cities. But the city hall was not just a place for political discussions; powerful forms of persuasion were practiced in the cellar to reveal truths. The torture chamber in Regensburg is a oneof- a-kind in Germany, and should be on every visitors list. Everything has been left in its original condition; from the chamber layout to each device and contraption. Pain interrogation has been implemented since the beginning of the 14th to withdraw confessions, as no conviction was offi cial without a proper confession. An extraordinary tour through the basement of the city hall will show the prison cells and punishing instruments. This trip back through time is an absolute must! Entrance with guided tours only: every half hour from 9:30-12:00 and from 13:30 - 16:00, 15:00 is an English tour

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