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Regensburg: Bismarckplatz

Regensburg: Bismarckplatz
This square is named after Reich Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, a former resident of Regensburg. It has been a traffi c intersection dating as far back as the ‘Castra Regina’ times, where it was located in front of the fort’s roman wall. In medieval times, the square was home to an arsenal, granary, warehouse for corn, and stables. The presidential headquarters, which is now the police headquarters, is located at the south end of the square. This classical building was built by the then prince and Archbishop of Regensburg, Carl von Dalberg in 1805 for the French envoy and ‘perpetual parliament’. This building was the fi rst to introduce classicism to the city, which had previously a pure medieval image. The six massive limestone columns with Corinthian capitals are especially striking. Its counterpart across the square, is the city theater built for public use in 1804. The theater was previously only for nobles and elite. In 1980/81, the square was renovated to accommodate an underground garage. This construction project added the 2 water fountains, a new cobbled surface, and the southern terrace. Over the southwest corner of the square is the Benedictine Abbey of St. Jakob. Across the square in the northeastern corner is the Erbprinzenpalais (Palace to the Heir to the Throne), which Otto Kraff t v. Prüfening built as a hostel for the cloister in 1701. Since 1815, this has been owned by the Thurn & Taxis family (currently Commerzbank). Nestled in the southeastern corner near the police headquarters, is the Schneckbachhaus. Here, the fi rst evangelical service in Regensburg was held in 1541. The building received its current Baroque styled make-over in 1742. It also served as legation for the Duke of Württemberg. Today, Bismarck Platz is one of Regensburg’s most beautiful and communicative squares!

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