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Regensburg: Stadtamhof

Regensburg: Stadtamhof
In the middle ages, with about 2000 inhabitants, Stadtamhof was a small Bavarian neighborhood in the middle of the independent city Regensburg and thus often a hot bed of conflict. Earliest evidence shows that this area was first settled in 981 as an estate belonging to the Emmeram Cloister. It reached city status in 1496, and in 1924 became incorporated with the city of Regensburg. It sunk deep into poverty after the war, before flourishing to its present day charm. The clock still ticks a bit different in Stadtamhof, even today. Residents enjoy the offset location on the banks of the Danube where they are a stone’s throw to the city, yet still set apart. Small shops and stores are still run by the same families generations old. You stumble upon many picturesque nooks and idyllic courtyards. Its’ historical status also offers many sights worth seeing such as the Rococo church and the former Monastery Church St. Mang. The 2-story former salt depot, Andreasstadel (Andreas Depot) is also quite interesting. Today it is a hotel, cafe, art academy, movie theatre and houses private apartments. The depot, dating back to the 16th century, originally competed with the larger salt trade across the river and is the oldest secular building still standing in Stadtamhof today. Across the Europa Canal is the city’s main gate and a restored locomotive from the Valhalla train, which up until 1960 brought passengers to Wörth an der Donau. Also in existence today is the Katharine Hospital and Spitalkirche (Hospital Church), along with their ever beloved and spacious beer garden.

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